Synthetic method and photocatalytic active ZnO nanoparticles

Venkatesha’s group synthesized noanosized ZnO particles on large scale using hybrid electrochemical-thermal method. The ZnO powder are pure and spindle like shape and well crystallized in the nanosize of 30-40 on nanometer scale. The synthesized ZnO nanoparticles were proved owing excellent performance in photocatalytic activity ( 92% degradation of MB ). It was found that the calcine temperature and pH of the pollutant solution have a great effect on photocatalytic activity under UV light irradiation, which could provides an important guidance to the improvement of photocatalytic activity on synthesis and application.

 ZnO nanoparticles were proved to have a significant importance application in the field of photocatalysis as a semiconductor photocatalyst. The research group think that the physico-chemical properties of ZnO and hence its application significantly depends on its synthesis route and in order to realize the large scale application, an efficient method of synthesis is essential.

 Kodihalli G. Chandrappa and Thimmappa V. Venkatesha, “Electrochemical Synthesis and Photocatalytic Property of Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles”, Nano-Micro Lett. 4(1),14-24 (2012).

From Mr.Yuan Yu.

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