Magnetic field domination of carbon nanotube diameter by arc discharge

Superior electronic and optical properties of single-walled carbon nanotubes (SWCNTs) strongly depend on their diameter and chiral angle, and the bandgap energies of semiconducting SWCNTs are inversely proportional to their diameters. However, the as-grown SWCNTs always come as a mixture of nanotubes with different chiralities, resulting in the heterogeneous performance of SWCNT-based devices, which has been a major obstacle to many applications of SWCNTs.

Recently, Zhang’s research group dominstrated, for the first time, that transversal magnetic field can be used to dominate the nucleation, growth process and deposition direction of SWCNTs by applying a transversal magnetic field to arc plasma. The diameter distribution and selective deposition of SWCNTs were changed effectively by changing the direction and strength of transversal magnetic field. Interestingly, well-aligned SWCNT thin films could be obtained after applying a magnetic field to arc plasma.

  Original article citation

Yanjie Su, Yaozhong Zhang, Hao Wei, Zhi Yang, Eric Siu-Wai Kong, Yafei Zhang. Diameter-control of single-walled carbon nanotubes produced by magnetic field-assisted arc discharge. Carbon 2012, 50(7), 2556–2562

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