Nanowelding a layer of SiC microparticles on Al surface

Zhao et al have recently demonstrated that a layer of SiC particles could be bonded on Al substrate by using ultrasonic nanowelding technique. A nanowelded interface due to ultrasonic vibration formed between SiC and substrate. Contemporarily, the oxide layer on Al surface was removed via the ultrasonic vibration in the condition of welding force with 80 N and ultrasonic vibration with 60 kHz.

There is no trace of compound Al4C3 and no structural transformation observed obviously at the interface. The microhardness properties were improved significantly because of the dense welded surface and the anticorrosion properties of Al improved with a dense nanowelded SiC layer.

 Original article citation

Bo Zhao, Yanfang Wang, Chang Liu, Liying Zhang, Xuan Liu,Yafei Zhang. “Ultrasonic  nanowelding of SiC microparticles on Al surface”,Applied Surface Science. 258 (2012) 5786–5789. doi:10.1016/j.apsusc.2012.02.094


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