Omni-directional silicon solar cells using micro-spherical texture/ITO stacks

Chen et al have recently demonstrated that incorporating the microsphere-based textures in the ITO ARC can be as a novel approach for improving the conversion efficiency of the solar cells. The ‘‘bottom-up’’ surface texturing method was based on nozzle-sprayed microspheres and spin-coated dielectric film. Using the HCl pretreatment prior to ITO deposition, oxygen at the ITO/Si interface is reduced from 22.3% to 1.48%. An enhancement in the short-wavelength response (400–600 nm) and an improvement in the short-circuit current (JSC) were accomplished. The difference in the efficiency (DZ) between the cells fabricated with ITO incorporating micro-spherical textures (MSTs) and those by KOH texturing was 13.5% at a light incident angle of 60o, comparatively larger than the difference in efficiency of 7.4% observed at normal incidence, which demonstrates the capability of omnidirectional antireflection. These results demonstrate the superior omnidirectional antireflection property of the ITO+MST structure.

 By Huijuan Geng

 Original article citation

Chun-Heng Chen, Pi-Chun Juan, Ming-Han Liao, Jing-Long Tsai, Huey-Liang Hwang. “The effect of surface treatment on omni-directional efficiency of the silicon solar cells with micro-spherical texture/ITO stacks”. Solar Energy Materials & Solar Cells 95 (2011) 2545–2548. doi:10.1016/j.solmat.2011.03.007

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